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Latest News: Venus Viva Authorized by the FDA to Treat Wrinkles

Latest News: Venus Viva Authorized by the FDA to Treat Wrinkles

Venus Viva first procedure of this type to receive FDA authorization for the ablation and the resurfacing of the skin of the face by delivering a nanofractional radio frequency into the skin.

Venus Viva is a customizable solution for face resurfacing that promises increased treatment options thanks to multi-applicators, deep penetration by superior radiofrequency and consistent skin healing. It is now approved by the FDA.

“Based on our global clinical experience and our market acceptance, Venus Viva has already established itself as the” best in class “technology,” says Domenic. Serafino, President and CEO of Venus Concept, global distributor of the product.

“This minimally invasive nanofractional technology was designed for patient comfort. It incorporates Smart-Scan technology, allowing enormous clinical versatility and minimal downtime, while providing unmatched comfort and satisfaction to patients.

According to doctors involved in Venus Viva clinical trials, there was great efficacy on a variety of different clinical indications, including excellent results on facial wrinkles without downtime and a very high level of comfort and patient satisfaction.

So if you’re looking for an effective and minimally invasive way to deter signs of aging, Venus Viva is now a viable and FDA approved option.

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