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Lack of water contributes to your cellulite

Lack of water contributes to your cellulite

Since the body is mainly made up of water, it is logical that water plays a role in the formation of cellulite, especially water retention.

As we age, fabrics become less able to use water properly. Our body is made up of cells and connective tissue.

When these tissues and the cell wall are damaged, the blood vessels are damaged and water cannot be retained either. Due to the weakened tissue, the skin is less firm, making cellulite more visible.

In addition, aged blood vessels, which have an impact on fluid retention, can also have an effect on circulation.

You can get rid of excess water, usually stored in the tissue, to alleviate part of the problem. but you really need to be concerned with circulation in order to fight cellulite.

The best way to do this is to build up exhausted collagen and elastin by eating healthy foods.

You may also need to take supplements and vitamins rich in glucosamine, amino acids, lecithin, and antioxidants.

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