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Is the redness of your skin rosacea?

Is the redness of your skin rosacea?

If you experience persistent redness, dryness or bumps, rough skin – more than just a dry patch or a inflammation – rosacea may be the cause.

A chronic inflammatory condition that can occur at any age, rosacea is often caused by alcohol, heat, stress, or spicy foods.

Irritation, swelling, dryness and inflammation can be signs of a flare-up and, in severe cases, thickening of the skin and raised red patches, called plaques, can occur.

Rosacea is often noted from the first to the fourth year to indicate its severity, the worst being the fourth.

Your dermatologist or plastic surgeon can suggest a series of at least five painless IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments, which use broad spectrum light to replace deep layers of the skin and reduce redness.

Another option is a subject system like the Obagi Rosaclear system. Available from your doctor, the three-step kit includes a gentle cleanser, a calming moisturizer, and a prescription gel containing metronidazole, which has shown a reduction of at least one degree in rosacea after two weeks.

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