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Is mineral oil really acceptable?

Is mineral oil really acceptable?

When a product is labeled without oil , this generally means that it does not contain mineral oil and that it does not clog pores.

But is the idea of ​​mineral oil as a trigger obsolete?

A 2015 study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology claims that the long-feared mineral oil, especially that of cosmetic quality, is not [ 19459010] comedogenic nor capable of causing whiteheads or blackheads after all (Industrial grade mineral oil probably is, but it will never be found in quality skincare products.) Based on their conclusions, researchers from Pharma Cosmetix Research believe that it should be removed from the age-old list of comedogenic substances frequently cited by dermatologists and beauty companies.

You have probably been told to avoid products containing mineral oil for most of your life. So we don’t hold it against you if a study hasn’t quieted your mind and opened it up to more moisturizers.

If you really want to play it safe, however, your best bet for avoid the escapes caused by the product is not to search for the expression without oil , but the word no comedogenic , which covers all possible culprits.

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