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Is fat the secret for young eyes?

Is fat the secret for young eyes?

It’s almost inevitable to grow old: dark circles [ 19459009] and the hollow which seem to become more and more pronounced over the years . To revive the area under the eyes, many doctors rely on a lower blepharoplasty or a injectable dermal filler , but fat transfers, a other tool in the toolbox of rejuvenate m in t , can also help give region a juvenile roundness.

So when is fat transfer the right choice, and what are the considerations before make an appointment? We turned to the benefits for the scoop.

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What is fat transfer under the eyes?
Although it is the commonly used term for the procedure, the treatment of transferring fat from one part of the body to another has many names. “The transfer of fat under the eyes can also be called fat transplant, micro-lipoinjection or autologous fat transfer.

The procedure is to eliminate the excess unwanted healthy fat from other parts of the body and placing it around the orbital areas, in this case, the tear container, by injection, to be filled when a hollow area causes visible signs of aging. “

For whom?
A good candidate for transferring fat under the eyes is a patient who believes that the futility of their lower eyelid area makes them look tired. They generally have a significant loss of volume in the lower eyelid and the upper part of the medial surface. Many patients who have previously used a filler in this area may want to try fat transfer as an alternative technique in order to achieve more lasting results and a smooth, natural transition from the cheek to the lower eyelid. “

Fat transfer may be a good option for some, but some patients should avoid it:” This includes patients who smoke or follow an intense training program. These two factors can significantly limit the shelf life of fat. In addition, patients with a negative vector of the lower eyelid, such as patients with prominent eyes and a deficient upper cheek. These can see very little improvement with a fat transfer technique. “

The Duration of
Treatment For patients who wish to reduce the number of filling treatments prescribed by visits to the doctor several times a year, fat transfer is a solution that lasts longer. “We cannot say that the fat transfer is absolutely permanent, because we get older and lose fat constantly as we get older,” says Dr. Douglas, “but it is almost permanent, unlike the use of a synthetic filler. which has an average lifespan of 18 months to three years.

The natural transfer of fat into tissues requires an advanced level of technique and understanding of the fat to be used, the quantity to be injected, the percentage of “living” cells and how it is placed in the upper cheek and lower eyelid region to achieve the desired result after the inflammation subsides. “

Is it time to abandon the filler?
While fat transfers are gaining popularity, for some doctors , these are not their treatments under the eyes. “Personally, I am not a fan of transferring fat to tears, so I do not offer it to my patients,” she said. “To correct orbital dips, I use a contour approach combining collagen stimulants and fillers. I use a filling agent based on hyaluronic acid applied in a very controlled and progressive way to be a “cherry” on the eyelid cake and carry out the transformation in the region. ”

The doctor who performs fat transfers, considers that fat transfers are a good choice for patients who wish to avoid the risks associated with dermal fillers: “The use of filling products has certain advantages: it can be placed very precisely in small areas “, he says:” and if there were overflow problems, a negative reaction or an unnatural effect, this can be easily reversed. Most fillers are made with hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in bones, cartilage and bio-modified skin, so it is very rare in rejection. However, there can be serious side effects such as injecting a load into a large blood vessel

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