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I got rid of my acne

I got rid of my acne

The 34-year-old model Summer noticed regular eruptions on her forehead a few years ago. She tried everything, Accutane prescription drugs, which did little to improve her adult acne.

Summer received facials on a weekly basis and was ready to do just about anything to get his acne under control. We hired celebrity esthetician Ja’i Lone to cleanse and soothe the disrupted and broken skin of summer.

First steps
Summer: at the beginning, I was at the office of I have weekly cleaning of facials, masks , peels and steam extraction. She always adapts the treatments to the reaction of my skin at that time.
Ja’i: I wanted to balance his skin. So I used a lot of refreshing products like gentle cleansers, a balancing serum, a zinc and sulfur mask and my balancing scrub ($ 40), as well as peels and probiotics.

The Energy Element
Summer: When I started seeing I saw, she explained to me that there was a relationship between the energy of the skin and what it reflected outside. Mine was really unbalanced.
I have: One of my philosophies is that rashes can come from too much heat and energy in the skin. When this happens, it should be calmed down. Icing five to ten minutes a day is helpful. And, don’t use a lot of water on your face either.

Summer: I see I have it for monthly facials. I am diligent in caring for my skin and cleaning with its balancing scrub (sometimes I use it with a skin care brush at home) and antioxidant pads. I finally found a routine that my skin likes, so there is no need to get out of this way. My skin is clear, radiant, healthy and beautiful. And my eruptions have practically stopped.
I have: Since the transformation of his skin, I have been treating with oxygen facials, peels with mandelic acid, Silk Peel, glycolic and salicylic acids and LEDs in function of what her skin needs. ”

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