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How Your Personality Affects Your Perceived Beauty

How Your Personality Affects Your Perceived Beauty

We have all known someone who is so beautiful that he can afford to be mean to everyone.

But it turns out that inner beauty really matters, even when we look at outer beauty. As a team of researchers at Monmouth University has discovered, an individual’s personality can really affect how we perceive their physical attractiveness.

In 2017, study participants were asked to view photos of members of the opposite sex and assess their attractiveness.

First, the participants received no information about the personalities of the models. But once they were told about positive character traits, such as honesty and kindness, and negative ones, such as rudeness and prejudice, it greatly influenced the beauty and romantic beauty of the models.

According to the lead researcher, this study should remind people that “Personality is a big part of determining your attractiveness; it can even change people’s impressions of your beauty.”

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