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How do celebrities recover after surgery?

How do celebrities recover after surgery?

Plastic surgery recovery centers are often surrounded by secrecy and mystics, but the fact is that these specially equipped facilities go beyond helping celebrities escape the paparazzi.

Medical care in the first hours and the first days after surgery is the number one priority.

Recovery begins an hour or two after surgery, when the patient is removed from the recovery room, usually by limousine, and taken to the establishment, which is often a floor or block of rooms in hotel.

For more confidentiality, most recovery centers offer private entrances, possibly in underground garages, to protect patients from the outside world.

Once inside, the patients settle in their specially furnished room or suite. While rooms typically include power beds to help patients get in and out and to create the ideal altitude for draining swelling, recovery centers distinguish patient areas from hotel counterparts by using elements specials such as works of art, carpets and knick-knacks – a very luxurious one.

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