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How breast reduction has changed my life

How breast reduction has changed my life

Everyone had this thing or moment that changed their life. Whether it’s skydiving, meeting a soul mate or traveling, something will creep into your life and change it – and hopefully for the best.

For me it was breast reduction.

In high school, I started to notice that my breasts grew at the age of 14. From then on, they would not stop growing, which created an obstacle in my life. My breasts must have grown more than five sizes by the time I entered college.

I remember that I was walking curved, with frequent back pain When we speak, all eyes are on my chest rather than on my face. Dressing, not to mention bras, was really difficult. I decided to get an appropriate bra that would determine the future of my chest. I had a 32G.

The idea of ​​breast reduction never came to my mind appeared until a family friend told me about her procedure. She decided to have the operation years after having her third child. Reluctant, but excited for a life without big breasts, she went from DD to size B.

She urged me to do it sooner than later. I used to receive emails from her before and after pictures. I will not answer. Then I got the phone calls, “Why haven’t you called a doctor yet? What is stopping you?

What was stopping me ?

I met the best plastic surgeons in town for two and a half years. After a lot of hesitation and reflection, I finally decided that it was something to do. I had never had an operation before and the thought intimidated me.

What if I don’t wake up? What if this is the end for me? Will my breasts look artificial? The question of finances was then raised: was it worth spending € 13,000? “Thousands of questions were flying through my head.

The most important decision was to choose to undergo the procedure, but the most important was to find the right doctor. I cannot overstate how important it is to find a contact person who answers all of your questions and who stays calm and comfortable throughout the process.

Fortunately, my operation was an outpatient procedure in his office. Her nurses were with me every step of the way and the anesthesiologist was superb. All of these factors made me feel a lot better.

The surgery lasted about four hours. When I woke up, I felt like I was, but in a different body. I went from a size G to a size C.

The doctor used the traditional method of anchoring consisting in cutting around the nipple and down and under the breasts. He removed 450 grams of tissue from my left breast and 350 grams from my right side, about one pound each. It also reduced the size of my nipples to fit my new breasts.

Six weeks’ recovery followed. It all started with the liquid flowing from the tubes that were connected to my breasts for a week. (Note: if you are planning to have the operation, it is likely that your doctor will put tubes). After their removal, the doctor urged me to start walking slowly through my house to prevent blood clots.

My usual daily activities, such as shopping or social projects, had to be suspended a little; I couldn’t walk for a long time, I couldn’t carry anything anymore (it was physically impossible to lift a jug of milk), showering without getting my chest wet was almost impossible, and let’s just say that there were a lot of restless nights lying on their backs.

It was a six to eight week healing process. As with most recommendations for posterior breast reduction surgery, I had to wear a cotton cordless bra, preferably with a clasp at the front. The doctor informed me that the scars would probably go away, but not completely.

I applied bioCorneum, a treatment for scars in silicone gel, daily for nine months to reduce them.

My incisions ended up healing keloid scars, so I went for laser treatment. During the laser treatment, an anesthetic cream was applied to the scars and two different lasers were used to penetrate them. Even as a person who is not very pain tolerant, the procedure was not that bad, just a few pinches here and there. The scars were soft and sore for 24 hours, but after just a few sessions, I got instant results.

In addition to getting rid of my back pain and improving my posture, one of the best things about breast reduction was buying a new wardrobe. Everything has been fine with me since the operation. I went from big tops to small. The first summer after the operation, I was able to wear a bikini after so many years, and it was the most incredible feeling.

For those of you who are still considering breast reduction, I assure you it will change your life.

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