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High performance toner with exotic organic extracts

High performance toner with exotic organic extracts

With some brands, we can’t help but think that the toner was an afterthought.

All the excellent ingredients were reserved for their moisturizers and their serums.

They reluctantly threw out some astringent components and said, “Oh, by the way, here’s a toner.” But this is certainly not the case with a brand called Sophyto .

Despite its affordable price, the toner optimizing for the pH of Sophyto has been meticulously concocted to work as an expensive formula. This is due to the ingredients that do more than just complement your cleaning routine.

beaute cometique soins Un toner haute performance avec des extraits organiques exotiques 2

Organic extracts of shiitake, nettle, elderberry, artichoke, raspberry and lesser-known plants, such as noni and schisandra, work together to balance has skin so that she is better prepared to use the following skincare products.

They also purify pores and give your complexion a quick lightening.

All this is done without parabens, without fillers, without artificial colors or perfumes, which convinces us even more that Sophyto has really placed enlightened thought in its tone.

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