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Aesthetic Medicine | Filler Solution for Aging Hands Gets FDA ApprovalFiller Solution for Aging Hands Gets FDA Approval – eBeautyPlanet UK

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Filler Solution for Aging Hands Gets FDA Approval

Filler Solution for Aging Hands Gets FDA Approval

The filler is approved to treat your fine lines and wrinkles can now officially solve another skin aging problem.

Merz North America today announced that its Radiesse volumizing filler agent has received FDA approval for use on the hands, the most common body part. more often neglected in anti-aging. “Merz is proud to be able to provide patients and physicians with the first and only dermal filler approved by the FDA for use in the hands,” said Jim Hartman, vice president and chief of US Aesthetics / OTC for Merz in North America. “Market research tells us that attention to the aesthetic appearance of the hands has increased in recent years, especially among people who have undergone facial rejuvenation procedures.”

After being used for years, this is great news for physicians in the cosmetic enhancement field. “Volumizing hands with Radiesse® allows me to improve the overall appearance of my patients and provides the opportunity to finally rejuvenate their hands and face,” says San Diego plastic and reconstructive surgeon Amir Moradi, MD, in the company press release.

So what can we expect from this internal process? Almost immediate reduction in prominence of tendons, large veins and soft skin for younger, natural-looking results that can last up to a year. Side effects include mild to moderate swelling and bruising, most of which goes away within a few days, according to the brand.

As with any cosmetic procedure, be sure to speak with your certified dermatologist to make sure this filler is right for you.

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