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Fighting unhealthy snacks

Fighting unhealthy snacks

You can tell yourself that you are going to eat an apple as you see fit, but that does not mean that you will actually do it .

Many of us are apparently unable to follow through on our intentions to eat healthy.

Dutch researchers asked almost 600 people which snack they preferred from a chocolate bar, molasses waffles, apple or banana, and about half of them chose one of the last two health options.

A week later, however, when they were actually confronted with food, more than a quarter of those who intended to eat apple or banana had instead chosen sweets or waffles . (90% of those who said they would choose one of the unhealthy snacks did just that.)

While it may be difficult to reconcile our snacking intentions and actions, a little chewing gum can be a big help.

A separate American experiment found that chewing sugarless gum between lunch and a snack reduced calorie consumption. Participants also reported less desire for sweetness, less hunger and more energy.

“Overall, this research demonstrates the potential role that chewing gum can play in controlling appetite, reducing cravings, and managing weight,” said researcher Paula J. Geiselman in a press release. “Even small changes in calories can have a long-term impact.

And, this research confirms the role of chewing gum as a simple and practical tool to manage snacks, especially sweet snacks, calorie intake and cravings. ”

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