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Fight skin cancer with caffeine and exercise

Fight skin cancer with caffeine and exercise

Would you be ready to get a little more exercise and drink an extra cup of coffee if you knew it could to prevent skin cancer?

A recent study from Rutgers University indicates that it could work.

In mice, caffeine and voluntary exercises increased the destruction of precancerous cells damaged by UVB rays.

Caffeine alone has a protective effect and exercise alone has a protective effect; but research shows that the protection of the two is greater than their sum, a 400% increase in apoptosis (the self-destruction of cells with damaged DNA).

Researchers believe this will be extrapolated to humans, and they plan to carry out a clinical trial in humans.

There are more than one million new cases of skin cancer in America each year. Scientists are therefore always looking for new and innovative methods to deal with the growing risk of UVB rays.

However, until more studies are done to prove other defense methods against the sun, our sunscreen is our only reliable source of protection.

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