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Exfoliation for smokers

Exfoliation for smokers

In addition to affecting your teeth, smoking can destroy your gums, leaving them dark and swollen.

Even if it is better to drop the habit, your dentist can perform a gum dermabrasion, gently removing the top layer of tissue to accelerate cell renewal , remove discolored tissue and stimulate gum growth.

The single visit procedure, technically called gingivoplasty, is performed under local anesthesia, usually in less than an hour, and causes very little discomfort.

After dermabrasion of the gums, your gums may appear a little rough for about a day. But since the upper layer of the gum is not very vascular, most patients hardly bleed.

It is important to keep the area clean with a mouthwash antibacterial prescription.

There are no stitches or bandages and repeat treatments are not necessary, except when touch-ups are necessary and the results last for about a year. You can re-start brushing your teeth and gums gently a day after dermabrasion, but stick to a gentle diet, with nothing spicy for the first week after treatment. to avoid irritation.

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