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Does soap cause problems the second time?

Does soap cause problems the second time?

When you rinse off the soap or shampoo, you probably don’t think about the path it takes once it runs out. But recent studies show that this may deserve our attention.

In collaboration with the EPA, researchers from Baylor University discovered traces of ingredients commonly used in personal care in fish swimming in American waterways. They were surprised to find out how harmful these concentrations were, drawing attention to the fact that there are currently no federal test guidelines or standards for personal care products in wastewater.

In England, two university research teams have looked beyond the harmful effects of personal care ingredients on wildlife.

They rather studied the way in which they could return to the humans.

The wastewater that captures these ingredients is often found in the soil of agricultural holdings, which could have a potential chemical effect on the cultivated and possibly consumed products by humans.

In fact, researchers suspect that these “recycled” chemicals could lead to antibiotic resistance.

In the United States and abroad, these results should attract the attention of manufacturers, who have the power to reduce harmful pollution by modifying the chemicals they choose to use.

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