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Does online acne care work as well as medical consultations?

Does online acne care work as well as medical consultations?

Many aesthetic specialties are seeing increased demand for their services and as a result it has become increasingly difficult to obtain an appointment with these doctors in due time.

A dermatologist is particularly sought after these days, whether it’s a first appointment or a follow-up, which can leave acne sufferers frustrated.

In search of an innovative solution to this problem, a group of dermatologists recently compared the clinical merit of online follow-ups to conventional office follow-ups.

After 151 patients met with dermatologists to treat their acne, 77 patients had four in-person follow-up appointments, while 74 received “online” follow-up every six weeks. During their online follow-ups, patients sent dermatologists digital photos of their skin.

Dermatologists responded with electronic advice and prescriptions when necessary if necessary, spending as much time on electronic visits as on personal visits.

At the end of the study, the groups had a comparable reduction in the number of inflammatory lesions in acne. Patients and dermatologists had expressed similar levels of satisfaction, whether their appointments were posted or online.

“In this trial, the provision of follow-up care to subjects with mild to moderate acne through office and online visits produced equivalent clinical results on several different parameters,” the researchers wrote. in an article published in the dermatology archives .

“These results suggest that dermatologists are getting enough information from digital images and survey responses to make appropriate management decisions in the treatment of acne.

In addition, this model of care delivery was popular with both physicians and patients, likely due to the convenience and / or time savings associated with electronic visits. ”

Would you be ready to make follow-up visits online with your dermatologist?

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