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Do you have a migraine? Try Botox

Do you have a migraine? Try Botox

You may have heard that Botox is used improperly for the treatment of migraines, but the proof of its effectiveness is more anecdotal than clinical.

This does not mean that botulinum toxin type A, also available under the name Dysport, is not effective for this purpose; it can be summarized as type of migraine to be treated.

Researchers recently attempted to determine which types of migraine could benefit most from botulinum toxin type A. They studied 18 patients receiving cosmetic injections of Botox, all of whom reported migraines, although different types.

Three months after the injections, patients who described their headaches as overwhelming and resembling a vice (implosion) or ocular eyelids (ocular) experienced an average reduction in frequency of more than seven days a month to less than one day a month. Those who described their headaches as exploding, however, felt little or no change.

“Our results confirm the hypothesis that patients with migraine characterized by implosions and ocular headache are more sensitive to botulinum toxin type A than those with migraine characterized by explosive headache”, wrote the authors of the study in the Archives of dermatology. .

“Our results suggest considering the use of botulinum toxin type A injections to prevent migraines and could promote the role of the dermatologist [and plastic surgeon] in the treatment of migraine patients. However, well-controlled clinical trials should be conducted to confirm them. results.”

Have you tried Botox or Dysport to treat migraines? If not, would you?

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