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Discover the ultimate facial with ultrasound

Discover the ultimate facial with ultrasound

Considered the advanced “under the radar” alternative to traditional microdermabrasion treatments, facial treatments using focused ultrasound are rapidly gaining in popularity with aesthetic doctors, not only for their ability to tone and firm the skin, but also for their unique ability to help active anti-aging ingredients penetrate the skin.

“The use of focused ultrasound is a new frontier in aesthetic medicine,” said plastic surgeon Haim Victor Cohen.

Many doctors have discovered during research that, unlike microdermabrasion and peels, ultrasound does not disturb the delicate surface layer of the skin, the main obstacle for the active ingredients. Peelings and microdermabrasion on the hand, strip the horny layer to resuscitate the skin and allow the ingredients to penetrate better.

Focused ultrasound works at the cellular level. You see, your skin is like a brick wall and the ultrasound breaks the intercellular cement, which allows the absorption of the active ingredients without the risk of excessive exfoliation, as you could obtain with other treatments.

Since ultrasonic facials are less invasive, there is no downtime or risk of error. “It is precisely controlled and very safe. It works best on patients without extreme skin laxity, and in some cases the results may be comparable to those of surgery. The best part is that there is no downtime after treatment or scars, “says Haim Victor Cohen.

So what results can you expect from such a non-invasive procedure? Better absorption of your skin care products, tightening along the jowls, neck and eyelids, immediate tightening of the pores and improvement of wrinkles and fine lines.

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