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Detoxify the skin

Detoxify the skin

There are several reasons why you should detoxify the skin: your environment and your age, and to take full advantage of the products you use. Here’s how to detoxify in the comfort of your own home.

What to look for

It acts as a natural diuretic and makes the skin smoother. It can also reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Moroccan rhassoul, kaolin and bentonite clays
They help fight daily exposure to the many pollutants and toxins that slowly accumulate on the skin. Clays can attract toxins across the surface and have a pleasant side effect: internal moisture is also drawn to the surface to keep the skin more hydrated.

Oil of camphor, cloves and mint
They accelerate blood flow to the skin and eliminate environmental debris on the surface, allowing better penetration of i protective topical ingredients.

Glycolic acid
It is naturally derived from sugar cane, it has been shown to produce primary and side effects.

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For a deep detoxification

Recently reformulated and a must for those who like gravelly scrubs, the OleHenriksen Rub n ‘Buff s salt scrub ” presses lavender oil to rebalance the mind, while Dead Sea salt smoothes, softens and detoxifies. 38 €, sephora.com

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For a bath booster

The ultimate bath experience, Therapie Roques O ‘ neil Himalayan Detox Salts combines aromatherapy with a mineral-rich combination of Himalayan salts and amethyst powder, which the company says helps release toxins and restore energy balance. 70 €, roquesoneil.com

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A nocturnal solution

As its name suggests, detox oil from night Caudalie rich in essential oils works while you sleep to help revitalize tired skin. 52 €, sephora.com

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A multitasking oil

Benefiting from antioxidant, firming and detoxifying properties, the firming vegetable oil for the body African Botanics Marula sinks into the skin to give it a healthy glow while its powerful fatty acids help hydration. 70 €, skinstore.com

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A multitasking mud mask

Perfect for polishing and purifying the face and body, the Deep Detox Skin Authority ritual mask is based on the proven benefits of Moroccan rhassoul, montmorillonite and kaolin in a treatment rich in essential oils. 36 €, skinauthority.com


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