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Decrease dental anxiety

Decrease dental anxiety

Reading many of your comments, I was surprised to learn how many people fear the dentist.

Although your anxiety is completely justifiable, avoiding the dentist can be extremely detrimental to your oral health. (And is it really not that bad, good dentists?) Regular visits to the dentist are absolutely essential to maintain a healthy white smile.

• It is often better to share your anxiety. If you are tense or anxious, talk to your dentist and dental staff. Getting your concerns out in the open will allow your dentist to tailor the treatment to your needs.
• Try to choose a time for your visit to the dentist when you are less likely to be in a hurry or a hurry. For some people, this means an appointment on Saturday or early in the morning.
• If the scalpel sound bothers you, take it with you. ‘a portable audio player and headphones to listen to your favorite music. During the visit to the dentist, you can imagine yourself relaxing on a warm beach.

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