BASF Tackles The Indicators Of Pores, Skin And Hair Growing Old

Consumers are leading ever-busier lives. As the pace of life remains fast, products that calm, sooth and rejuvenate the skin are in high demand,” explains BASF in a release.

New anti-aging active RNAge harnesses BASF’s findings in epigenetics and reshapes facial harmony.

Inspired by the vogue of yoga and meditation and by the natural trend, the designer and manufacturer of ingredients for personal care and hygiene products therefore has developed a series of new active ingredients for skin and hair care products aiming at strengthen them to cope with everyday stresses.

Hyalurosmooth: Counteracting harmful effects of daily stress

In a BASF survey of 100 volunteers, 90 percent reported that stress had a negative effect on their skin, causing it to turn dull and dry. According to the company, “daily stresses are known to translate into cutaneous stress, with cortisol as its main mediator.

As an anti-stress ingredient, Hyalurosmooth mimics the benefits of a mindful way of life. Hyalurosmooth represses the cortisol’s damaging impact on skin, restoring collagen type I and hyaluronic acid that are affected. “Bringing the positive effect of a mindful lifestyle – rested from the inside – Hyalurosmooth helps the skin recover its hydration and radiance”, claims BASF.

Extracted from the Indian Cassia angustifolia, Hyalurosmooth is IECIC listed.

RNAge: Reshaping facial harmony

As it ages, the skin loses its firmness and begins to sag, causing the face to lose its youthful contours. Based on the latest findings of BASF’s epigenetics platform, the new active RNAge rebalances Let-7b – the microRNA that downregulates the production of proteins which are key to building dermal architecture. “In doing so, the active helps the dermis to stay dense, rebuilding it from deep within and finally firming facial shape,” states the company.

Extracted from sea buckthorn, RNAge is COSMOS approved and IECIC listed.

DN-Age: Youthfulness from inside the hair

The third anti-aging active showcased by BASF at Cosmetagora, DN-Age slows down the hair greying process and reduces hair loss. “The active ingredient acts on the scalp by preventing UV induced DNA damage. As assessed by in-vitro tests, it also protects hair follicle cells to prevent hair greying and hair ageing. DN-Age leads to greater hair density: 80 percent of panellists perceived their hair to be stronger, fuller, and thicker,” claims BASF.

Extracted from Cassia alata leaves and titrated in flavonoids, DN-Age is also COSMOS approved and IECIC listed. DN-Age is available as a concentrated powder and a hydro-glycerin solution.

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