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Combine Nutrition and Dermatology for beautiful skin

Combine Nutrition and Dermatology for beautiful skin

Garnier colors and embellishes them hair for a long time, so it makes sense that they take their expertise to the next level: skin care.

Garnier Nutritioniste is the new line based on the philosophy that beautiful skin is the result of the best in nutrition and dermatology – what Garnier calls “dermatological nutrients” ”

The line Nutritionist is divided into three categories: Skin Renew , with six products that promise regeneration and smooth, uniform skin; Ultra-Lift , with five products offering a deep anti-wrinkle lifting action; and Nutri-Pure , with four products for detoxification and deep cleaning without drying.

Garnier launched a new website entirely dedicated to the Nutritionist line: garniernutritioniste . com . There you will find a full list of products, a helpful product advisor who matches your concerns with product recommendations, skin science tutorials provided directly by a dermatologist and dietitian, as well as free promotion ( I already asked for a sample of Daily Skin Renew Regenerating Serum ).

If the quality of Nutritionist corresponds to that of Garnier hair products, there is certainly a promising new candidate arriving on drugstore shelves.

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