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Coffee can really improve your breath

Coffee can really improve your breath

Is there anything more uncomfortable from an olfactory point of view than a close-up conversation with a colleague who just had a hot coffee?

We shudder at the stinking thought! But if surprising new discoveries come true, “coffee breath” may soon have a much more positive connotation.

At last month’s meeting of the International Society for Respiratory Odor Research, Israeli scientist Mel Rosenberg presented the results of a study that did not go exactly as planned. Like most people, Rosenberg believed that coffee causes bad breath and he expects this to be reflected in his in vitro saliva experience. But according to the professor at Tel Aviv University, “there is something inside this magic brew that has the opposite effect”.

This “something” is a bacteria-inhibiting molecule that Rosenberg hopes to extract from coffee to create new, more effective types of gum, mint, and mouthwash.

So what makes your breath so dirty after your favorite java? Rosenberg says that, when prepared as a drink, coffee has a dehydrating effect and becomes particularly potent when mixed with fermented milk. Soon, however, the solution may be to put an antibacterial coffee-based mint in your mouth, eliminating odors instead of masking them with a minty taste.

Now, if only scientists discovered that coffee also whitens teeth!

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