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Can a collagen injection improve your sex life?

Can a collagen injection improve your sex life?

Collagen injections are generally aimed at the lips, but a controversial new use by gynecologists has caused rumors and discussions between doctors .

The G-Shot project consists of injecting collagen of human origin directly into the G-spot of the vagina, the elusive erogenous zone which, according to some, does not even exist, in order to enlarge the area and extend it.

The theory is that increasing the size of the G-spot will increase a woman’s physical pleasure and her ability to experience internal orgasm. The procedure over € 1,500 would last up to four months.

This use of a collagen injection carries real risks, and the results vary from one individual to another. Bleeding, constant vaginal humidity, constant arousal, urinary incontinence, infections, pelvic pain and other side effects have been reported.

Lingerie and a bottle of Prosecco could be a cheaper, safer and more pleasant option for you and your partner.

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