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Botox for a better mood

Botox for a better mood

In 2017, we told you about a study in which clinically depressed patients had received a first Botox injection for lion lines, and two months later, they were no longer considered depressed.

These results reflect an increasingly common theory that facial expressions, in addition to demonstrating emotion, influence ] really emotion; and a new study further supports this idea.

A Welsh experiment followed 25 dermatology patients, 12 of whom received Botox. The rest received chemical peels, injectable fillers and other wrinkle treatments. After two weeks, they were asked to rate their appearance and their mood.

Even if the recipients of the Botox had not assigned a superior appearance to that of the other participants (which helped boost self-esteem), there was a notable difference between their depression, anxiety and irritability scores and those of everyone else.

Study author and professor of psychology Michael Lewis attributes the results to what he believes to be a direct influence of facial muscles on the brain.

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