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Body shaping after weight loss: for whom?

Body shaping after weight loss: for whom?

Many people who have experienced massive weight loss are embarrassed by their appearance after such a radical change, and many are turning towards body contour surgery to remove excess skin and refine their results.

However, not everyone who has lost a lot of weight is an appropriate candidate for these procedures.

Several ASPS studies from 2008 have highlighted patients at high risk of complications during post-weight loss contour surgery.

One of them examined patients who had lost a lot of weight but whose body mass index still classified them as obese.

Even at a lower weight, with patients not achieving their goal, BMI was at high risk for post-operative problems.

The study authors say that waiting a little longer and achieving a healthy BMI will make surgery much safer. Another sex study found that men who had lost a lot of weight were three times more likely to have a hematoma and almost twice as likely to have a collection of fluid (seroma) after body shaping operation.

A third study found that the means of losing weight – whether by bariatric surgery, diet or exercise – did not result in any significant difference in terms of risk for body shaping surgery.

However, a fourth study has highlighted malnutrition in the two types of patients and how it could be a problem during convalescence.

Those who were prescribed a nutritional supplement program to combat malnutrition experienced much better wound healing, a quality scar and energy.

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