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Bigger smile, better marriage?

Bigger smile, better marriage?

Have you been voted “Most beautiful smile” in your high school? If so, there’s a good chance your marriage will be a success.

The correlation may seem arbitrary, but researchers have in fact found a link between the importance of your smile in pictures during your youth and your decision to stay married or not.

Part of the DePauw University study in question consisted of evaluating the intensity of the smile of people in their college portraits on a scale of 1 to 10. (The rating was based on the apparent use of muscles that go up the mouth and those that create wrinkles around the eyes.)

Not a single person who ranked among the 10% highest intensity had never divorced; However, a quarter of the 10% of the most disadvantaged people, who had essentially seen their photos poorly, had divorced at least once.

Another area of ​​study involved viewing photos of childhood of people over 65 and to reclassify the intensity of their smile. This time, 11% of big smiles saw their marriage end, but almost three times more non-smokers divorced.

The theories underlying this relationship range from the idea that big smiles attract other positive people into their lives to the notion that those who do what a photographer tells them may be more obedient. in a relationship.

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