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Beauty superfruits: Baobab

Beauty superfruits: Baobab

Commonly distributed in the tropical regions of Africa, the baobab has long been a source of natural well-being for women in the region, who used them to improve their general health, skin, hair and beauty.

Inside the hard and velvety shell of the baobab, which is about the size of a coconut, are seeds rich in oil, covered with a dry ivory-colored powder used as fruit pulp.

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Q What taste?

African people compared the taste of the fruit to that of a pear, with a slightly sweet and tangy flavor. Others have said it looks like the sour, tart essence of a grapefruit and many prefer to mix baobab powder with orange juice because it seems to complement citrus elements very well.

Did you know?
One of the largest trees in the world that can live up to 1000 years, the baobab is also called “tree of life” because of the many resources it provides, including shelter, clothing , food and water.

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Internal benefits:

Stimulates energy

Baobab is an essential source of thiamine (vitamin B1), vitamin C and vitamin B6, all of which contribute to processes that recover energy in the body, increase metabolism, and reduce fatigue.

Helps to manage stress
It is said that baobab helps to normalize blood pressure and manage the secretion of digestive enzymes, which are both affected when the level of stress is high, ”adds nutritionist Paula Simpson.

Promotes weight management
baobab has a very high fiber content (about five grams per 100 grams of baobab), which helps manage cravings and proper digestion – two important factors in the management of a healthy weight.

Fight against infection
In Africa, baobab rich in omega-3 fatty acids is commonly used to treat fevers, malaria, gastric problems and deficiencies in Vitamin C, as well as heart, brain and eye health. “Baobab products can also help protect against inflammatory conditions like type 2 diabetes, arthritis and even allergies,” says nutritionist Franci Cohen.

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Thematic benefits:

Maintains healthy skin
baobab’s antioxidant capacity is one of the highest in the world, which allows it to protect skin cells from damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress.

Strengthens the skin
The abundance of vitamin C in the fruit contributes to the growth of cells and blood vessels and gives the skin firmness and strength by contributing to production and the normal functioning of collagen, ”said Simpson.

Damage Repairs
Vitamin C contributes to the regeneration of vitamin E, which helps repair damage caused by the sun, pollution and other environmental stressors causing drought , fine lines, wrinkles and more.

Gives intense humidity
Golden baobab oil, rich in moisture, extracted from the cold pressed seeds of the fruit, is ideal for treating dry skin and hair and damaged, as well as for conditions such as eczema due to its profusion of omega-3, -6 and -9.

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Innisbrook Golf Resort & Spa : Tampa Bay, Florida
Used for centuries in the care of skin in Africa, the rich baobab oil is the flagship of Indaba Spa’s 80-minute Baobab Awakening Facial ritual treatment, which gives the skin a youthful glow while improving its elasticity and strengthening its skin. cell regeneration and smoothing of wrinkles. visitinnisbrook.com
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Mii amo : Sedona , Arizona
Soothing and anti-aging body treatment, the prickly pear butter wrap presents a gentle body massage and a soothing massage using fresh fruit, including pomegranate extract and fig butter. Barbary, to help get a smooth and completely rejuvenated skin. miiamo.com
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Skin Soother
The global serum for the face Lina Hanson, completely natural , uses baobab oil to help reduce skin irritation and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 85 €, linahanson.com
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Hair Hydrator
An ultra-light but light oil for hair and body, Phyto Specific Baobab Oil hydrates and softens even the driest strands. 40 €

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