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Beauty security: face

Beauty security: face

Simple and routine beauty appointments are considered by some to be an “interview”; others find it a way to relax and take care of themselves.

Regardless of the goal, if it is not done correctly and by a certified expert, a simple embellishment habit can be transformed into much more. “There are a lot of people who don’t take precautions for the client,” says dermatologist Debra. “That’s why you have to take the appropriate action, ask the right questions and take care of yourself. If you find someone you trust, stay with them. Sometimes it’s not about finding the best deal or saving a few dollars. ”

Professional exfoliators can remove pores and make the skin lighter. But if your esthetician is too energetic, the only thing that will result are problems that may remain. “I have seen patients come to me with broken blood vessels and punctures in their skin from an esthetician who was in too much of a hurry,” said Rosalee Messa, esthetician. “Moderation is the key, and if you are experiencing adverse effects, consult someone who has a license to determine how to repair your skin.”

Extractions are a key component of facials, but, as Messa points out, if done too aggressively, they can harm skin health. “It’s better to cleanse your skin more frequently with less extractions, as overextraction of the skin can lead to additional scabs, bites and blemishes.” She adds that many are sensitive to products used in facial care, which can lead to post-treatment rashes, rashes, and irritation – tell your skin care professional about any allergies or sensitivities.

Chemical peels
A great way to refresh and resuscitate the skin. Chemical peels, if not done properly, can cause discoloration which can be difficult to repair. Chemical peels remove the most superficial layers of the skin and their action time is rather quick. However, if your esthetician does not neutralize the skin, or uses a solution that is too strong for your skin, you risk hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation and burns. “The sun can also disrupt the results of a skin. Therefore, if you like to sit in the sun, it’s important that you tell your esthetician or dermatologist, ”says Messa.

The potential for burns and excessive pigmentation is more common than most people think. It is best to consult a beautician who understands the anatomy of the skin and how these acids work.

injectables and fillers can swell fine lines and wrinkles in just a few minutes. But if not done with caution, the effects can be devastating.

Many women undergo injections outside the doctor’s office, during Botox parties or in unqualified and unregulated spas. The problem is that many of these injectors are not certified and trained by injection companies and do not have the appropriate equipment to deal with an emergency.

Christopher Sciales, dermatologist “The parts of Botox trivialize and distort a serious procedure.” In addition, some even inject filler products not approved by the FDA. “You should always demand proof of what is used on your face and ask to see the bottle. If it is not a product approved for use in the United States, do not even play with the idea “, explains Dr.

Seek treatment only by a dermatologist or a reputable and certified plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon, using FDA approved fillers. “You have never injected anything into your face, especially in a place where this product is not commonly used,” says Dr. Find out more about injectables.

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