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Balance the body with Crystal Therapy

Balance the body with Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy is based on the idea that the energy contained in the crystals can be exploited to help balance the centers energy of a person, called chakras.

Different types of crystal therapy treatments have made their way into spas around the world for their ability to provide serious relaxation.

The seven main chakras (Sanskrit for the wheels), which are considered to be primary energy points in the human body, form a straight line from the skull to the base of the spine. An unbalanced chakra, similar to a misaligned wheel on your car, can disrupt the smooth flow of energy through the body.

Each chakra corresponds to a specific part of the body as well as to a certain color. In crystallotherapy, the energy of the stone is used to correct the imbalance and bring the chakra to its maximum performance.

When crystals are used in synergy with a massage, the physical and psychological functions are discussed.

Read on to discover our favorite treatments and crystal products:

Anti-stress to amber crystals, Espa Riga in Riga, Latvia After an ESPA facial and exfoliation, the chakras are massaged using specially formulated oils and Latvian amber crystals to eliminate stress and tension, leaving the body in a state of total relaxation.

Good Vibrations
Vibrational massage at Mii amo in Sedona
This massage , which uses seven essential oils each containing a specific crystal energy for each chakra, uses the frequency of vibrations to open and revitalize the seven energy centers of the body. The aromatic oils accompanied by a light massage give you a feeling of calm and balance.

Option to
House: Perfecting mask Sapphire Kashmir Sjal
Blue sapphire, key ingredient of this anti-pore mask, acts in double: it stimulates first the pituitary gland and stimulates the production of melatonin for an anti-aging effect, then stimulates the crown. chakra for an increased sense of consciousness.

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