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Avoid anesthesia problems with acupressure

Avoid anesthesia problems with acupressure

Most major cosmetic surgeries require general anesthesia, which can cause postoperative nausea and vomiting in 80% of patients.

Because this discomfort is so common, many doctors prescribe an antiemetic medication. However, these are not without cost, in terms of money and side effects.

Anesthesia experts may have found a less expensive and less invasive solution in traditional East Asian medicine.

By examining previous studies, researchers from the Department of Anesthesia and intensive care from the Chinese University of Hong Kong discovered that stimulation of the pericardium or P6 point in the wrist could prevent postoperative nausea.

Using an acupressure bracelet, acupuncture, or other P6 stimulation techniques, it is believed that the brain receives a signal to release neurotransmitters.

Neurotransmitters block the chemicals responsible for nausea.

Researchers report far fewer side effects with this method than with typical antiemetic drugs, viewing it as an “appropriate alternative.”

Many doctors are not aware of these methods, so talk to your surgeon before continuing on your own.

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