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Are you part of the skin procedures boom?

Are you part of the skin procedures boom?

Over the past decade, many dermatological procedures have been approved and improved, and patients have not gone unnoticed.

According to a study recently published in Dermatologic Surgery , the demand and performance of skin treatments administered by dermatologists have exploded.

The overall increase in cosmetic and non-cosmetic procedures between 2010 and 2017 was astonishing by 120%. (The number may be even higher until 2019, but these figures are not yet available.) The increase in popularity of individual procedures ranges from large to huge: ablative resurfacing has increased by 66%, resurfacing has not ablative (laser, light, radiofrequency) increased by 330%, Botox (before Dysport) by 324% and soft tissue loads by 405%.

Dermatologists may like these numbers, but there is an increase that can cause concern for doctors and patients: an 85% increase in skin cancer procedures. But the good news about this figure is that cancer is detected early enough to be treated.

So why the boom? Boston University Assistant Professor and Researcher Emily Tierney said that patients, mostly baby boomers, have been attracted to “the overall advances in procedural aspects of dermatology as a specialty over the past decade , combined with the growing importance given by society to the prevention of skin cancer and early diagnosis, as well as the desire to prevent and reverse the skin signs of aging. ”

” Dermatologists have been an integral part of the rapid development of photomedicine, with advances in laser and light devices to treat a variety of skin conditions, “she explains. . “These include actinic keratoses of melanoma-free skin cancer, pigment and vascular disorders, hair removal and tattoos, wrinkles and other signs of photoaging. skin rejuvenation techniques have increased exponentially. ”

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