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Andie MacDowell talks about the beauty of being Zen

Andie MacDowell talks about the beauty of being Zen

Hard to believe that Andie MacDowell was 55 years old on April 21 : the actress and spokesperson for L’Oréal continues to turn heads with her age-defying air.

And according to a recent interview with eBeautyPlanet, Andie gives a lot of credit to her youthful glow of her daughters and the beauty of a Zen attitude. “My two daughters encourage me to take risks with my appearance and not to define myself according to my age.

They’re also fluffy compared to me and they encouraged me to adopt a Zen-Buddhist attitude, which I think is becoming. ”

Andie and her daughters, Rainey and Margaret Qualley recently shared all of their mother-daughter’s beauty secrets with eBeautyPlanet.

You can learn more about them and Andie’s anti-aging tips, including what she calls “real food” and “the best secret to hair around the world” (see , Andie has incredible hair) in a next special focus on eBeautyPlanet.fr

Andie, we think you look great!

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