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Act with these foods that save your skin

Act with these foods that save your skin

What you put in your body has a direct effect on your physical condition and your general health – and on your skin and complexion.

“Antioxidants fight free radicals”. “Free radicals in our bodies come from everything from pollution to stress. If we don’t have antioxidants to “fight” these free radicals, our skin breaks down. ”

Eating foods rich in water, such as cucumbers, can help reduce drying out of the surface. Foods rich in water penetrate cells better than water alone. They also help strengthen the cell membrane, which plumps up skin cells and helps reduce fine lines.

Want to try eating for your skin type?

If you have the dry skin…
Try adding oils to your diet. “Foods like nuts, oily fish, wild salmon and flaxseed meal can all provide moisture and moisture to your skin cells from the inside out.” Avoid caffeine. It acts as a diuretic, just like alcoholic drinks.

If you have redness…
Try to eat cucumbers rich in silica. “Ayurveda believes it is important to eat foods that can cool your body and reduce inflammation.” “Cucumbers are great for this, as are foods rich in zinc, which is essential for repairing injuries.” You can find high levels of zinc in almonds, chickpeas and shellfish. Avoid alcohol, which can dehydrate the skin, as well as spicy foods and highly caffeinated drinks.

If you have oily / acne prone skin …
Try adding probiotics to your diet. “This establishes healthy flora in the body to fight inflammation and reduce acne.” In addition, foods rich in vitamin A and zinc will help reduce pore-clogging oil production and the swelling associated with blemishes. Avoid dairy products, such as milk or yogurt, which contain hormones.

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