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A Swiss solution for overworked skin

A Swiss solution for overworked skin

Normally, I avoid night creams. They are generally too heavy for my combination skin.

In addition, I have this archaic perception of the housewife who cannot tremble as if I was using one, it will be a huge step backwards for the female library, without forgetting a huge step back to my pores.

Obviously, these notions are extremely inaccurate. I understand that I live in 2019 and that a number of night treatments do not involve the mask of the color of a radioactive avocado. I am also aware that my skin may need additional help at night.

A night cream does not necessarily have to be a saucy colloid, as if you were prepared for a molding in wax and that you had to breathe through a straw. In fact, most of them are not.

My evening skin regime consisted of washing my face, followed by an anti-acne gel and perhaps a light spray of toner. What became of the problem – my skin was drying, and my complexion in the morning usually looked more tired than I did.

So I tried Swissclinical Night Repair Cream one night, and just prayed that I wouldn’t wake up with cystic acne on my chin.

Swissclinical is a Swiss line (surprise!) Which presents itself as a cosmeceutical, that is to say at the intersection of dermatology and cosmetology. Everything in the range contains no allergens or mineral oils, which is suitable for sensitive or combination skin like mine. The night cream contains coenzyme Q10, an excellent moisturizer and anti-aging, as well as a carsonin complex which gives a “Botox effect”, for which I can personally testify.

The next morning, my skin was smoother and more taut, but not at all stiff and dry. After several nights of regular use, my skin had become uniform and the thin folds around my eyes and cheeks had faded considerably. And I had no rashes either. Let.

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