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A superior serum, by definition

A superior serum, by definition

Have you ever noticed a person whose beauty exceeds beautiful skin and whose facial contours seem so defined?

Although some may call this good genes, we have the feeling that some members of this magnificent group have a secret weapon – and we are almost certain that it is the serum C-ESTA Jan Marini .

This patented potion addresses both the definition of the skin and that of the skin. We will do this successfully by adding two research components.

First, a special form of lipid-soluble vitamin C, ascorbyl palmitate, enhances cell function to prevent oxidation and modification of collagen.

This gives a more uniform skin and a smoother and less appearance wrinkled.

A mixture of antioxidants that stabilize cells, called the DAE complex, focuses on the contours. This ambitious blend tightens the sagging skin and helps tone the underlying muscles so that your face looks more lifted and defined.

If you are already using prescriptions such as the Retin-A laser procedures to bring out the best in your skin, know that the C-ESTA serum, in its elegantly redesigned bottle, works harmoniously and safely. these treatments to help you find your most fabulous face.

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