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A masterful organic elixir

A masterful organic elixir

When we learned that one of our favorite organic beauty brands, Patyka , was in the process of getting a makeover, we feared that its integrity and its picturesque character would be the victims.

But when they returned with the incredible collection Absolis , it became clear that production and Paty’s presentation only got better.

Our favorite formula of this new range is, without contradicts, the serum for the face and the body with l ’ Absolute oil .

Although the title tells you it can be used on any area of ​​the skin, it doesn’t even suggest what this golden infusion can do.

On the face, Absolute Oil can be used generously as intensive treatment at night or sparingly as a make-up primer.

Anyway, your complexion is smooth, thanks to a dozen botanical extracts that reduce wrinkles and support the natural regeneration, hydration and protection capacities of the skin.

These benefits extend to the body, whether you use shredded cuticles or apply it to freshly shaved parts of irritated skin.

Dry areas are no match for vegetable squalane, vitamin E and a multitude of nourishing oils.

Again, no frizz. True, Absolute Oil is also suitable for hair. A few drops of serum leave silky streaks, with a lingering hint of the formula’s natural scent.

Almost 98% organic, this multitasking mixture is a must for travel. The 1.7 ounce bottle serves as an alternative to multiple products and keeps you looking incredibly fresh, even after a stuffy flight.

And as it is so beautiful, it is a perfect gift, especially for friends who prefer “green” beauty. But even the least environmentally conscious among us can appreciate all that Absolute Oil can do.

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