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A lightening patch for tired eyes

A lightening patch for tired eyes

Most mornings, I can wake up with little or no dark circles under my eyes.

But inevitably, there are these random mornings where it seems like my dogs have slept all night on my face – I look puffy and I feel tired, with a thick greyness in the hollow areas near my nose.

These days, no ordinary proofreader will do the trick.

That’s when I look to Trish McEvoy from okay and Brighten pen, which became my go-to solution when I was looking particularly tired.

It has a precise click brush applicator that extends over lightening makeup. I’m using Shade 1 – exactly where it’s going.

The instant effect changes its face. Not only do I no longer seem tired from fatigue, but I am more alert and radiant than during my natural days.

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