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A gentle and fundamental cleanser

A gentle and fundamental cleanser

Last year, we presented to you the CellGenesis regenerative skin treatment from CellCeuticals, a line developed by a doctor offering advanced anti-aging formulas with futuristic names such as CerActive and NeoCell.

But the fact that the extremely gentle skin cleanser is not as scientifically sophisticated as the rest of the collection does not mean that it is not a very important part.A cleanser is the first step in any skin care routine. If done right, it helps transform the skin into an ideal canvas for the following formulas.

The extremely gentle cleanser for the skin was created to correspond to the rest of the CellCeuticals range by completely depolluting the skin, without any ingredient likely to disturb sensitive skin or reduce the effectiveness of the active ingredients that you apply later.

Its combination of efficiency and sweetness is due to the absence of sodium lauryl sulfate and the inclusion of wheat amino acids, glycerin, vitamin C and lactic acid. The result is a hydrated complexion, protected against antioxidants and with a balanced pH, perfectly prepared for the following serums and creams.

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