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A facial treatment that fights discoloration, developed by a doctor

A facial treatment that fights discoloration, developed by a doctor

What is the last discoloration of your favorite face? And when was the last time that a hyperpigmentation product made the difference after a first application?

If you answered “never” to both answers – and we’re pretty sure – you will be as intrigued as the Facial Whitening at the Obagi Skin Health Institute.

Just as relaxing as a spa service, whitening facial treatment goes beyond the simple pleasure of taking care of your skin, immediately improving the appearance of discoloration by using several treatment steps. .

After rejuvenation, microdermabrasion without crystals removes dead cells, including the damage caused by tanning and the superficial sun that you may have: a mask created by Dr. Zein Obagi to combine lactic acid with proprietary corrective ingredients, is applied to your skin. Next comes the application of creams suited to each skin type that help regulate melanocytes, fight free radicals, firm and strengthen.

Although these topical treatments alone can make a noticeable difference , it is the inclusion of LED technology that stimulates collagen that gives Whitening Facial its superior efficiency. And if you choose to do it multiple times, you will see an even greater improvement.

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