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8 reasons to try lymphatic massage

8 reasons to try lymphatic massage

Not a typical massage (some would even say that it is not a massage at all), the [19459007 ] lymphatic drainage manual (MLD) acts to restore the natural flow and reflux of liquid throughout your body.

Also commonly called “lymphatic massage” by many spas, MLD also provides your skin and your internal functions with several essential benefits that will give you a more beautiful, without forgetting, detoxify and refreshed.

Benefits for internal health:

It purifies your body of toxins.
“The lymphatic system is essentially the elimination of waste products by the body,” explains the famous esthetician Nerida Joy. Manually guiding the fluid to the lymph nodes, which act as filters, speeds up the body’s natural cleansing process to create a detoxifying effect.

It relieves water retention.
Much of the fluid congestion (swelling) seen in areas such as the ankles, legs and arms is the result of a slow lymphatic system, swelling due to an operation or pregnancy. Manual lymphatic drainage activates the pumping capabilities of the system to keep fluid in motion and reduce buildup.

This accelerates healing.
“Physiotherapy has been the primary use of manual lymphatic drainage for 60 years,” says Anne Bramham, spa consultant and instructor at Dr. Vodder. “Getting treatment three to five consecutive days before surgery is important. It prepares the tissue while minimizing the risk of post-surgical infection. I also encourage post-surgical MLD treatments. Manual handling stimulates vessels to work faster. As a result, the body heals faster. ”

This strengthens immunity.
“The lymphatic system destroys invading bacteria and viruses. Thus, an increased lymph flow will directly strengthen the immune system, which will make you less vulnerable to colds and illness, ”says Joy.

External beauty benefits:

It minimizes the appearance of cellulite.
Improving the circulation of the lymph disperses the reserve fluid, which can cause swelling. It allows the fibrous tissue to soften, reducing the appearance of dimples and bumps. Note: MLD may not be effective in some cases. If your cellulite is in stage 3 or 4, it will not work to improve its appearance.

This helps prevent stretch marks.
MLD works to improve the collagen and elastin fibers in your skin. “If done during pregnancy, it can make the dermis more elastic, which helps prevent stretch marks,” says Bramham.

It reduces acne breakouts.
“Acne is caused by inflammation, congestion, and inflammation of the pores,” says Bramham. “MLD effectively decongests tissue and thus prevents the buildup of sebaceous secretions. Basically, it calms the skin.

It firms, hydrates and brightens the skin.
By adapting the MLD techniques to be used in facial treatments, Joy uses them to improve the cleansing power of the skin. “By removing toxins from the body, I can bring oxygen to the skin and shrink the pores,” she says. “It can completely change the color of your skin, and ultimately, your skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside your body.”

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