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6 reasons to say no to an “injection party”

6 reasons to say no to an “injection party”

Women love to do everything together, from visiting the manicure salon to the gym, but when it comes to cosmetic treatments, one should not subscribe to a group mentality at the risk of one’s health.

“I would be wary of any type of” pumping “or injection,” says La Jolla,. “It violates so many safety standards and puts patients at unnecessary risk.”

Fillers or injectables may not pose the same risks as more comprehensive treatment, but these are still potentially complicated medical procedures. It is a bad decision to treat a cosmetic procedure as a party favor and, according to Dr. Masson, here is why:

  1. Often you do not know the person’s background or full expertise performing the procedure. She may not even be a doctor. Fillers should only be installed by plastic surgeons or dermatologists duly trained in a medical office.
  2. There is no personalization of the processing. “In the absence of in-depth assessments and patient records, how can the person giving the injections be sure of how to treat a patient properly?” Said Dr. Singer.
  3. You cannot know with certainty which materials are used. “We’ve seen it all, from silicone and paraffin to oils (which are not safe) used as injection materials,” says Dr. Singer. These materials are also frequently injected non-sterile, which has led to infection, he adds.
  4. A party is not the right atmosphere for medical procedures. “Often alcohol is involved and this greatly increases the chances of serious problems and cancels any informed consent for treatment, which is rarely given in these contexts,” says Dr. Singer. If you are undergoing a procedure, you want to receive the attention of the healthcare provider without the potential distractions of a party.
  5. There is no protocol in place to manage emergencies. “What will happen if someone has an allergic reaction that requires immediate medical attention?” Asks Dr. Singer. If you are unfortunate enough to have an adverse reaction or a complication from an injectable “injector”, your injector may not be qualified or experienced in treating your problem.
  6. If it sounds like a deal and “too good to be true”, it usually is.

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