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3 treatments that promise a better body – fast!

3 treatments that promise a better body – fast!
3 traitements qui promettent un meilleur corps – rapide!

Your ideal body is no longer just a dream. With the advancement of non-invasive treatments, there are more ways than ever to look exactly like you want. Here are three effective options for getting the body you’ve always wanted.

The cold outline
For those who cannot understand the idea of ​​having surgery on their bodies, there are a handful of treatments on the market that achieve good results with almost no risk.

“CoolSculpting is a fantastic way to get rid of fat without surgery and essentially without downtime,” said Carmen Kavali, plastic surgeon. “It works by targeting the fat cells specifically because the fat freezes at a higher temperature than the surrounding tissue.” As the fat cells die, the body naturally eliminates them in a matter of months, leaving the body thinner than before. “Non-invasive anti-fats, which are not weight reduction tools, work well for really reducing or eliminating specific areas of fat,” said Ruth Hillelson, plastic surgeon.

Customize your breasts
It is not because you have breast augmentation that you should end up with breasts that are too large or fake.

“Two of the most common things that prevent women from breast enlargement are the anxiety of anesthesia and choosing the wrong size,” says Concord. , plastic surgeon Eric Mariotti. “Women want breasts that are neither too big nor too small, but rather perfect.”

Today, the trend is to appear natural, but many women still think that if they opt for an increase, they will inevitably end up having fake breasts. “It is not the case at all. With so many different sizes, shapes, projections, and implant materials, you can literally design exactly what you want your breasts to look like, as long as they match your body structure, “says Dr. Mariotti. If you like a certain style, or if you don’t like it, be sure to bring lots of photos to show your plastic surgeon so that he or she understands exactly what type of look you’re looking for.

Tightening the Skin
Just like how you can use non-invasive treatments to improve the appearance of your body, you can also have a firming treatment to help repair loose skin. “It works best if the sagging skin is mild to moderate. When the problems are more serious or the expectations are more extreme, only surgery will give this type of result. ” However, “there are many non-surgical options these days that can actually delay surgery more and more,” says Dr. Kavali.

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