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11 things to do before your SPA

11 things to do before your SPA

Going to a spa should be a relaxing and stress-free experience. But, there is some preparatory work indicated to make sure you get the most out of it. Also, if you’ve never been to a spa, you probably have questions.

1. Shave or epilate the day before, because many types of body care can make your skin react if you have just shaved or epilated.

2. Take a shower before going to the establishment, in case they do not have a well-equipped grooming area.

3. Leave your things at home. Proper installation will provide you with everything you need, except a swimsuit. You can relax more easily if you are not overloaded with a lot of personal items that you need to store in a changing room or take with you to your treatment room if no changing room is available.

4. Wear comfortable and loose clothing. Who wants to pull Spanx and slip into stilettos after you relax? In addition, when you receive body treatment, your skin will most likely be very hydrated and may almost “stick” to your clothes.

5. It is best to leave valuables, especially jewelry, at home.

6. Bring a pair of flip flops. Barefoot walking in a public establishment is neither smart nor fashionable.

7. If you have long hair, bring a tie. It is actually difficult for a therapist to give a good massage when he or she has to fight through your hair to reach the muscle group.

8. Take the book or magazine you wanted to read. Often, disconnecting from your phone is good for the body and the brain.

9. Leave your very critical attitude and you impress better at the door. A little humility and grace work wonders when interacting with service providers.

10. Have a good healthy meal in advance. Massage and other spa services can affect a drop in blood pressure, so it is highly recommended to have food in your stomach.

11. Avoid alcohol the night before. Contrary to urban legend, a massage is not good for a hangover, it can make you feel even worse!

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